Nib Types. General

  • No.1 is an oblique, sometimes used to make a correction for the right handed
  • No. 2 is a reverse oblique, sometimes used to make a correction for the left handed.
  • No. 3 A straight for people who can hold the nib at a constant angle.
  • Standard nib with a rounded pellet for use by everyone.

Oblique slants can also be a feature of a conventional nib with a pellet. Just to confuse the issue even further, we tend to sell a lot of reverse oblique nibs for the left handed because this can often apply more nib surface to the paper. Cursive nibs can also be useful, this is where the nib point is rounded at the edges but the italic effect will be reduced. If you want advice just telephone 01895 672537.  You have a thirty day free nib exchange with MrPen so if you make the wrong choice it will not prove to be a problem.

Pelikan 800 Italic

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RRP £350.00 inc VAT. Our Price £280 inc VAT

NEW! from Pelikan the 800 1.5mm Italic

Sleeve Colours Black/Green, Black/Blue, Red/Black, Black.

Diamond ground surface, gold plated clip and fittings. Piston fill with large ink capacity.18 carat bicolour nib. Nib is full and flexible, alloy tipped. Screw cap, beautifully balanced.

Not recommended for engraving.

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